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Forgive your parents
By Sergi (’s author)


One of the best things we can do in our short life is to heal the wounds we carry, specially those concerning the relationship with our parents. Our father and mother are our whole world when we are babies, and any time we felt disapointed with them while we were so innocent, leaves a wound in us of world proportions. We should be brave enough to talk to that inner child we still are within, and try to find out what is it lacking, or what is it asking for. Nurturing our child implies nurturing our relationship with our parents, with our father and mother. Forgiveness and compasion is an incredible healer. By establishing a sincere and direct dialog with each of them, we will understand better why there is some wound in us. This increased understanding brings automatic healing. Remember that to be in peace with our parents is a great success in order to be in peace with ourself and the world. 

Talk to your inner child and make him feel secure and loved. Release all those tears that you were not allowed when you were a child. Allow yourself to express your anger while being alone, but do not harm anybody. Be a child again, and know that you are accepted unconditionally, ready as you are. Know that your parents love you. Because they indeed love you so much. The matter is that sometimes they were not aware of your real needs. They also have their inner child hurted. Be understanding and compasionate to them. That will heal yourself and will unburden your unconsciouss from “guilt”, “unworthiness”, “anger” and other repressed feelings. Forgive them forever, and feel the peace in your inner child. Be happy. Thank you.

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