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HISTORICAL PRECEDENTS of the 9/11 events
By Jim Marrs


Is there precedence in history for what is happening to America today? So much so that there is not enough space to present it all. Nero burned Rome, blamed it on his enemies and took dictatorial power.

But consider what happened just last century. On February 27, 1933, the German Reichstag or Parliament was destroyed by fire. Hitler and his Nazis blamed the destruction on communist terrorists. They even caught one, a retarded Dutch youth named Marinus van der Lubbe who carried a Communist Party card. After some time in custody, the youth confessed to being the arsonist. However, later investigation found that one person could not have started the mammoth blaze and that incendiaries had been carried into the building through a tunnel which led to the offices of Hitlerís closest partner, Hermann Goering.

Less than a month later, on March 24, 1933, at Hitlerís urging, a panicky German Parliament voted 441 to 94 to pass an ďEnabling ActĒ which was the starting point for Hitlerís dictatorship. As a result of this act, Germans soon saw gun confiscation, national identity cards, racial profiling, a national security chief (Heinrich Himmler) and later, mass murders and incarcerations in concentration camps.
One of the western leaders who supported Hitler and his policies was Prescott Bush, grandfather of President George W. Bush. He must have taken notice of Hitlerís method for gaining unwarranted power.
Since the Reichstag fire, the Bush family and their associates in the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Bilderbergers have often mimicked Hitlerís tactics of creating a problem, offering a draconian solution and advancing their agenda through any resulting compromise.

The real enemy is whoever is behind the Sept. 11 terror attack. Osama bin Laden, so closely connected to the financial interests of the Bush family and the CIA, may be the mastermind or he may be a convenient scapegoat, yet another provocation to stampeded Americans into another war for oil.

We must thoughtfully consider where the real source of terror lies --- with one bearded fanatic in an impoverished Middle Eastern country or with those who would profit while shredding the US Constitution in the name of defending freedom.

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