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Apocalypse or Book of Revelation
By Michael El Nour


In the Apocalypse or Book of Revelation, St. John announced: "And there was war in Heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon fought along with his angels, and prevailed not…And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent called the Devil…" (Apocalypse 12, 7-9)

There is a lot to say about those verses. I am completing a book on this subject, the role of Archangel Michael in the transmutation of the World Shadow. The old understanding of the Shadow, Satan, Lucifer, the casting out of the dragon, all those concepts have to be grasped correctly in order to really comprehend God's will and mind as well as the events now unfolding.

In recent years, more individuals have been ready to hear the truth about the descent of humankind into the shadow. For centuries, the darkness has always ruled in secrecy. The habits and degenerated activities of the dark side of the planet were kept from the awareness of the masses and known only by a small group, considering itself to be elite.

I am speaking about the infiltration of all aspects of our societies: financial, political and religious by individuals/egos and occult groups only in search of personal power, enacting their own self-centered agendas. These groups, under many names and faces have been operating behind the scenes and have one thing in common: the cult of darkness (excess and manipulation of the energies of chakras 1-3), established world wide, for thousands of years. The human mind would like to put a specific name and label on the races or organizations that rule, own and manipulate the planet. Many books and documents have been exposing the tools used by the Shadow and the ego-minded individuals who believe that they can install and perpetuate their power over the world. Among others, you are now, because of the efforts of writers and witnesses, aware of the existence of the New World Order, the 'Hidden government', the Protocols of Zion, the Illuminati, the Reptilians, the Greys…We thank all efforts and contributions to raising human awareness about the reality of Planet Earth.

However, most of the authors still think and write from the stand point of Duality. DNA manipulation from another planet may be viewed as the fusion/at-one-ment of the chakras of the Cosmic Consciousness that humankind is a part of. All reptilians are not 'evil', as the Cosmic Serpent, the Serpent power is just a part of your system (chakra #1). The Serpent, the reptilian Brotherhood's original mission was/is to conduct you to the Conscious Light or Light merged (without fear, without denial) with the Darkness. Would you reject or deny your first center, under the assumption that it is too low in frequency? No, you just take control and transmute it. The same work is being completed globally for the Shadow, the Reptilians, the economical/political/religious system that you created for the planet. Of course, if the work is not done, the first chakras will try to take over and humankind might suffer! Once again, Heaven is asking for strong, heart-minded individuals ready to take their full power back and manifest their own divinity.