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The Reptilian Conspiracy
By Michael el Nour


Well, our dear reptilians, or the reptilian frequency arrived on the planet during our second round or second attunement to a specific vibration.
In order to understand and accept what is occurring on Earth, it is necessary to look at the Big Picture. Each planet, each system is the body of an entity, of a consciousness. This consciousness has a frequency, is evolving as the Universe is, goes through cycles as you do. Planets and constellations are connected as you relate and inter-act with friends or family.
The earth belongs to the solar system. The solar consciousness or Solar Logos is inter-acting with 3 groups of Beings, themselves attached to 3 groups of planets. (or bodies of 3 groups of planets). Their karma is connected.

The 7 RISHIS coming from the Great Bear.
The 7 PLEIADES, from the constellation of the DRACO or DRAGON.
The group of Stars known as SIRIUS.

The Dragons of Wisdom (see Serpents of Wisdom) are related or originated from the constellation of the Dragon. This would explain the existence of the dragon and reptoid energy, life-form on planet earth. It is my feeling that this energy is the element FIRE of our system, while Sirius provides the WATER (with the cetacean-dolphin consciousness).
The system of the DRACO existed before your system. It is then understandable that, when life and form were implanted on Earth, this type of energy would also be utilized (by the Universal Consciousness, by the Life Force itself).
The reptilian DNA is part of your DNA, as well as the reptilian legacy. You find this signature in your body, your religions, your art. Naturally, humankind started to manifest, exhibit the serpent energy through its, beliefs, symbols, architecture. The planet, the consciousness attached to the earth, produced the snake family. As we engrave everything in our DNA, tissues, Akhashic Records, we remember and are attracted to a vibration that is still in our structure.

What about the search for KUNDALINI, the dormant serpent? Meditation, prayer, sufism, Chinese techniques, and especially yoga tend to arouse Kundalini, the life energy in the main meridians within and on both sides of the spine (Shushama, Ida and Pinguala). Kundalini means coiled serpent. The reptilian energy is not specifically grey and malevolent. It is part of what you are. One detail: As per my observations, all human beings are not programmed, do not have the full DNA enabling one to receive and undergo the Cobra Initiation, the full Kundalini or serpent awakening, as Buddha experienced it under his tree. What most of you might feel and see (if you are clairvoyant) is the awakening and arousing of the kundalinic energy. In order to waken their kundalini energy, most humans use their sexual power, or tantric techniques... and in fact reproduce techniques and rituals that are a reflection, a legacy of the reptilian race/frequency, a left over of their coming and blending with the human race! Or an effort, a chakras exercise, performed by our bigger body, the planet or even more, the solar system, millions of years ago, which in fact created the apparition of the reptiles on our planet! Oops! One more hint, second round, apparition of the serpent energy on your planet, second chakra, sexual energy.

My understanding is that the group of Beings, who are committed to the "dark side of the universe", the reptilian who are willingly abusing, murdering, controlling others are degenerated. Most of them have lost the pure imprint of the life force that is running through human bodies and that was your heritage. The Serpent DNA has been, diluted, lost. The "dark reptilians" are keeping records of their bloodlines, marrying each other, practicing sexual ceremonies, ritual breeding, in a desperate effort to retrieve something that is not available to them. They are the DEGENERATED, CORRUPTED SONS OF WISDOM, the ones who made the decision to worship the dark side of the universe, instead of learning from it, learning from the physical level and then balancing Matter and Spirit.

Sex has been corrupted, to its lowest level, animal reproduction and lust. It was supposed to be, to become a blend, with love, in order to re-produce God's creation. Or more precisely, in the perfection of the enfoldment of God's purpose, animal sex was an appropriate frequency and had its purpose. However, as humankind is evolving, this frequency is to be refined and transmuted.

The "black reptilians", to use human 3D words, appeared with the emergence of BABYLON, and know that their reign is over. The original imprint, that allows the awakening of the Kundalini and the change of the atomic structure of the individuals includes the frequency of the higher chakras and of the heart.
Your last planetary logos, the consciousness which was your Father until 1997, Sanat Kumara, is / was also connected with the serpent energy. The Earth is your mother. These two polarities worked together, as One in order to evolve together and nurse the human race. Sanat Kumara, before coming and embracing the earth, was on the planet Venus. You are used to think about Venus as the planet of Love. The second name for Venus if Lucifer.

Then, if you want to open your heart, your minds, and look at the big picture, it will be much easier for all humans, especially for the Light Workers to comprehend the story of the Light and the Shadow.
So, do you feel that you understand all that? Do you think that you / we can judge that? Surely not. But we have to be aware of the miasms (consequences, left over) generated by this ancient chakra blending. And of course, if / as the reptilians initiated a system to control humankind, and you do not want to keep being a slave, then you really have to wake up.
For thousands of years, you have been receiving the impact of ET civilizations—other parts of your big body—and mixing your beliefs, religions with theirs. It is interesting to notice the role of the planet Sirius in your history. Humans have imported a lot of information and religious traditions from this planet. The fact is that Sirius is the head of the body to which the Earth belongs. Are you not receiving thoughts from your head? Same thing, as above, so below. From the celestial body that is yours, from Sirius, a group of Beings, was sent to you to bring their knowledge, wisdom and Light. One of their titles is the BROTHERHOOD OF LIGHT. They were not necessarily born on Sirius, but carried, at this time, for the sake of mankind, the Syrian frequency.