A new type of man, a new race is being formed
By Beinsa Douno


The world was in darkness. Humankind was caught in the madness of destruction. One could not find a way out, nor could a light be seen. Anxiety filled the hearts of all; uncertainty was pervasive. In such moments, the Master possessed the ability to bring peace and to inspire faith. He revealed opportunities for a bright future, describing the image of a renewed, reborn and enlightened humankind. A question about the coming new epoch was asked.

The Master Beinsa Douno said:

The solar system departs from the heavier matter and enters into a lighter medium. Because of this, there will exist the conditions for the manifestation of a higher consciousness for humankind. The solar system departs from the so-called 'thirteenth sphere.' At the same time, the sun will enter the age of Aquarius. Now is the end of the dark epoch, Kali Yuga. Because the earth enters a new sphere, all the old forms will change. The new forms will destroy the old ones. People will not notice how they will grow and become new men. The old forms will fall away as do the leaves in autumn. In the place of the old people, new ones will come with new ideas.

The earth - after making many millions of rotations - makes one departure from its usual rotation. This departure is occurring today.

New organs are forming in the human brain for the man of the future. Until they are formed, many things will remain unexplained. When a great artist begins to paint his painting, is it possible for the beauty of it to emerge immediately? No. On the first day, he will only dash colors on the canvas with his brush. Even if we do not like his painting, he would only smile. On the second day, you will see that the painting is in the same state. He will tell you, 'Do not hurry with your judgment. When I finish the painting, then you can express your opinion.' You hurry to express your opinion about Life now, but Life is not yet finished.

A sister asked, "Master, when will the time come when everything will become clear to us?"
We are now in this time. Today comes a certain stage in the world, a stage of change which will give structure to the world. Today a new type of man, a new race is being formed.

"God leaves to people the free will to arrange the small things, yet the big ones He arranges by Himself. The contemporary epoch is one of the birth of the new race.
Every new epoch begins with a new rhythm. Today a new rhythm to Life comes. The Divine makes its way everywhere. The Wave which is coming now will uplift not only us to a higher level, but also all minerals, plants and animals. Those who cannot be uplifted by this Wave will remain for the future. Remember: there will be no other Wave such as this, because in nature there is no repetition of phenomena. If you wait until the future, the conditions will be more difficult then.

A new Knowledge, a new culture is coming into the world. I call it the culture of Divine Love, Wisdom and Truth. It will teach people how to live.
The old life is suffering, but the new - joy. The roots are the old life, and the branches - the new one. Today we are at the end of the deprivation of love and at the beginning of Divine Love.

Who is the Watcher for man? That one who is taking care of him. The mother is the watcher for the child. This shows that she is taking care of him. God is the Watcher for man, which shows that He is taking care of us.

Those who do not awaken during the contemporary epoch will be left for other times. We wonder what will happen to those people who were not able to accept the Divine. The issue is clear. I come to a fruit tree and collect the ripe fruit, and for the others, I will wait. When they ripen, 1 will pick them as well, and the bad fruit I will use as fertilizer. You ask, 'Why is it so?' Because it is not possible to be otherwise.

It is said in the Scriptures, 'Search for Me until I am close.' This means: use the favorable conditions until I am close to you. If man were to be surprised by what the future is bringing to him, his surprise would deprive him of the opportunity to make use of the Good which is coming. Therefore, in order to make use of the conditions of life, man needs to possess the knowledge which brings Peace into his soul. Ignorance fills a man with worry.

Today the new is coming into the world everywhere. That which is the new, the form which it will manifest - only a few will understand. A new cycle is being formed. The man who can enter into it will find before himself great opportunities. If you are not ready, then you will miss the [favorable] conditions. The Divine is coming into the world.

Today is a most dangerous time. You could fall asleep and remain on the outside. The Divine Train is very punctual! You may be late only by a second. Therefore, your awareness, your hearts and your minds need to be vigilant. The one who has lived for thousands and millions of years on the earth and has been through so much suffering -does he want to miss this moment, to miss the Train and not receive the Divine? If God finds you vigilant when He comes to you, you will grow up like the seed: you will develop and will give fruit.

The day has two halves. One is when the sun is rising, and the second is when the sun is setting. Until noon, we have the ascension; and in the afternoon - the descension. The Law is the same with relation to the epoch. The contemporary epoch is in descension, and this cannot be stopped. The forces of darkness are leaving. The Good will come exactly at the determined time, just as the spring comes at her time. When spring comes, everything blossoms. The same will happen with the coming of the Divine.

An illuminated epoch is coming. The idea of brotherhood will come into realization. This Divine Spring will come gradually, not all at once. People will change without noticing. They simply will not notice how they will change. One day they will awake, and they will find themselves in a new stage similar to the caterpillar which enfolds into the cocoon, and once inside, transforms herself into a butterfly which cannot feed on leaves any more. That which is coming now can be called the Manifestation of the Divine Origin in man. The new generation which is coming will renew the world. This means that we are in the epoch when the caterpillars will transform into butterflies. Those caterpillars which did not become butterflies will ask how one can live in the air. When they become butterflies - then they will learn. As caterpillars, they cannot learn.

Today life is more active. Years ago it was necessary for three weeks to pass until the infants could open their eyes. But today, they open their eyes the moment in which they are born. This exists everywhere, in every nation.

The humble people will put order in the world. Who are the humble? Once two people went to court. The son of one of them came and told his father, 'Father, we do not need that for which you are in court. Let's forget and forgive.' This son was considered unassertive, but he stopped the trial.


Source: http://www.vega.bg/~beinsa_douno