There are three cathegories of people on this Planet Earth
By Sergi,’s founder


1) The larger majority (95% of people): we can call this group “the innocent”. Why? Because they have not opened their eyes to what has really been happening on our planet since a long long time ago. They believe they are free while they are manipulated in very subtle ways: they are innocent. They are blind and think they see, they are deaf and think they hear. Of course they see and hear, but not reality. They interpret reality following certain cultural/ideological conditioning. They have been taught to assume certain beliefs and they don’t realize that they are using “beliefs systems”, and don’t realize either that those beliefs keep them imprisioned in a simple and reduccionist view of reality. That incrusted beliefs limit their capacity to see and hear by their own. They are afraid of even imagining what would be challenging their belief system, since the conditioning says that “loosing it is going crazy”.

2) The dark forces (2%): they are wiser than the innocent, but their intelligence is not at the service of the Heart but at the service of the Ego. They have been manipulating Humankind for centuries. They seem prophets, but they are false. They are the invisible leaders of this world. They have power beyond human imagination and they want more. They want power and they do everything Ego can to control the innocent. They manipulate the innocent. They do everything to keep people’s personal energy frequency low so that they cannot realize how innocent they are, how blind and deaf they are. The dark forces are spread all over the world in main power positions: media, big pharmaceuticals and food companies, financial banks, etc. Their favourite parfum is petroleum (black gold = black consciousness) and play their agenda through the main governments (USA and UK are their homelands) and institutions (World Bank, World Trade Organization, United Nations, International Monetary Fund, World Economic Forum, etc). They are known as the illuminati and have not only esoteric knowledge, and probably also, and that will certainly shock most people, knowledge from extraterrestial sources. Their technology is greater than that we can purchase. Their knowledge in biological, genetic and mind technologies are far beyond public official acknowledgment. Being unconsciously manipulated by this forces has been and is an impediment for our consciousness to expand.

3) The light forces (3%): they are wiser than the innocent and their intelligence is at the service of the Heart, the Creator. They have surrendered their personal ego will to the Divine Will. They are ridiculed by the innocent, and even arrested by the dark forces. The dark forces will do everything to prevent them awakening the sheep majority, but in current historical time, as Planet Earth is in his ascension process, the light will little by little dispel all darkness from Earth’s surface. That is going to be a period of purification, and will last about 10 years, up to 2012 more or less. We will be seeing lot of darkness during this period. It is the light that is making darkness come to the arena. Darkness is no more able to hidde behind the mask of monetary media-political system. Light Forces need to organize themselves, to join in a common goal, to jump into the public arena and live the ideals they represent.

Every human being is a combination of innocence, dark and light forces. The only thing we can do to dispel darkness from Earth’s surface is to enlighten our unconsciousness, to face our fear based belief system. By attuning oneself to higher vibrational patterns we will dig into our own dark unconsciousness, and we will embody a greater amount of light. That will help other fellow like beings uncover their own darkness. Not through accusing or critizicing someone we will bring light; not through fighting the darkness but by facing our dark ego and bringing love to our ego and deeper self.

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