The effectiveness of the Vedic Technologies of Peace
By Maharishi Mahesh Yogui


War and terrorism are a great shame for the whole human race, and so far, there has been nothing to bring an end to them. The United Nations has clearly failed to bring peace to the world. Since its founding charter, which professes its commitment to bring an end to war, there have been over 150 wars in the world. The five permanent members of its Security Council are the largest arms-selling nations in the world.

NATO’s continuing use of destructive weapons and its use of the threat of destruction to induce compliance, has created fear in the family of nations. Unfortunately, NATO has set an example to other nations that if one country does not like the behavior of another country, and is not obeyed by that country, then one has the right to bomb that country.

Bombardment Can Happen to Any Nation at Any Time

Since the principle of foreign policy through military attack has become acceptable, bombardment can happen to any country at any time. This is the current reality.
When our house is in uncontrollable flames, it is too late to dig a well to find water. Better to prevent the house from catching fire in the first place. We should therefore not waste a single moment in establishing world peace.
Treaties and international organizations do not create lasting peace. Violence and warfare do not create lasting peace. The whole human history has proven that neither of these approaches works. There is no wisdom in initiating destruction in the name of protection or promotion of peace.

Our choices are to accept war throughout the world as inevitable, or to do something new that really has been demonstrated to create a powerful influence of peace in the world. A new approach to creating peace is urgently needed—one that prevents war. Such an approach exists.

Peace can only be created by taking recourse to Natural Law

The only way to create permanent peace is to take recourse to Natural Law—that is, to enliven in national world consciousness the most fundamental, powerful, and silent field of Nature, the Unified Field of Natural Law (refer to The Discovery of the Unified. Discovered in the past decades by modern physics, the Unified Field is the unified basis of the infinite diversity of Natural Law governing the universe. ).
This same field—the total potential of Nature¹s intelligence—has been known throughout time in the ancient Vedic tradition as Transcendental Consciousness, the Self of everyone. Fortunately, this field can be accessed and enlivened by any human being in his own self-referral consciousness. (Refer to the Unified Field of All the Laws of Nature).

The Unified Field of Natural Law is enlivened in collective consciousness by large groups of experts practicing the Vedic Technologies of Peace (including Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Yogic Flying). (Refer to The Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field.) When these groups enliven the Unified Field of Natural Law—Transcendental Consciousness—through the Vedic Technologies, they radiate a powerful influence of unity and coherence into collective consciousness, which neutralizes the built-up tensions and stress that lie at the root of conflict and war. This powerful Field Effect of Consciousness has been named by scientists the Maharishi Effect, in honor of Maharishi who predicted it 40 years ago.

Confirmation from Scientific Research

The profound effectiveness of the Vedic Technologies of Peace has been demonstrated by more than 600 scientific research studies, conducted at over 200 universities and research institutes in 30 countries during the past 40 years. These studies have been published in over 100 scientific journals, and collected in Scientific Research on Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Program: Collected Papers, Vols. 1-6.
This program program for systematic development of human potential has been found to improve all aspects of individual life. Findings include development of intelligence, creativity, better health, more harmonious relationships, greater job satisfaction, and greater appreciation and tolerance of others. One unique group of findings shows development of total brain functioning through Transcendental Meditation, further enhanced by practice of the TM-Sidhi Yogic Flying (refer to Technology to Enliven Total Brain Functioning).
Nearly fifty of these studies, conducted at the city, state, national, and international levels, clearly demonstrate the power and effectiveness of this program to significantly reduce negative trends, such as crime, violence, civil conflict, and war; and improve positive economic and social trends. Research has shown that even in the midst of armed conflict, Maharishi’s Natural Law-based approach reduces war deaths and injuries, and promotes progress towards peace.
The ability of a small group to have such a pervasive, positive effect lies in the principle of the Field Effect, which establishes that it is not necessary to act separately on each individual constituent of a system; the entire system can be handled at once from the underlying level of a Field. For example, in a laser, when the electromagnetic field is sufficiently enlivened, a phase transition takes place in which all the atoms join in the coherent collective functioning of laser light.

A New Offer to the Leaders of the World - Natural Law to Unify and Nourish the Family of Nations

With the Vedic Technology of Peace, which enlivens the total intelligence of Natural Law in individual and collective consciousness, the world can eliminate the ineffective, inhumane approach of creating order through destruction, and replace it with a permanent peace-creating group of 40,000, who through this Technology will create an indomitable influence of coherence and peace in the whole world for this and all coming generations.
In 1939 the German physicist Albert Einstein proposed to President Roosevelt a weapon of mass destruction, which was used to destroy Hiroshima, and has controlled the destiny of mankind ever since.
Now a distinguished German scientist of this generation, Dr. Volker Schanbacher, President of Maharishi University of World Peace, is proposing a new weapon—the weapon of Total Natural Law, which is all-nourishing and peace-creating.

The choice now for our generation is whether to go for destruction, or rise above destructive power, and go for the nourishment of all life on earth through the technologies of Total Natural Law. By taking recourse to the Unified Field of Natural Law, the total potential of human consciousness, the whole world consciousness will quickly become so integrated and harmonious that violent and all divisive thoughts will simply not be actualized and eventually will not even arise in the world family. The result will be permanent world peace.

The most Successful People in society can protect their own wealth as they protect the nation

The most successful and creative leaders of society can ensure that they do not become subject to the influence of destruction that their own governments are creating in the world. Otherwise the destroyer may bring destruction upon itself, with untold loss to the nation’s people, wealth, and quality of life.
The philanthropic leaders of society would be wise to take advantage of the existence of the Vedic Technologies of Peace by contributing to the Endowment Fund for Permanent World Peace, to prevent terrorism and eliminate destruction and war. This will not only be charity; it well be self-insurance, providing reliable protection for the future of one’s family, nation, and the world.

The Endowment Fund for Permanent World Peace

Time urgently demands the establishment of the Endowment Fund for Permanent World Peace.

The income from this Fund will be used for one purpose alone—the training and maintenance of a permanent force of experts in creating World Peace&. These experts create peace not by talking or by bombing, but by radiating peace from the level of infinite peace in the unbounded ocean of consciousness within every human being.

How to Donate to the Endowment Fund for Permanent World Peace

Questions Will Be Answered

Maharishi and the scientists of his universities in Europe and USA will be available over the next week to answer any questions from substantial donors to the Endowment Fund via telephone or video conference.

Contact numbers are:

In The Netherlands: +31-47553-9593; +31-47553-9687

In Washington, D.C.: 202-339-9782; 202-339-9784

Donations to the Endowment Fund for Permanent World Peace, established by the Maharishi Country of World Peace, are tax deductible for US Donors.

Maharishi Global Country of World Peace currently operates in the United States as a division of Maharishi Global Administration through Natural Law (“MGANL”). MGANL (including its divisions) is a Section 501(c)(3) organization, exempt from tax. As with any charitable contribution, donors should consult a tax advisor regarding any personal tax considerations that could limit their deduction.



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