Worrying is ok
By Konosuke Matsushita


If there weren’t any worries, anxieties, or fears, life would be peaceful and truly wonderful, but things just don’t work out that way in reality. Worry, anxiety and fear are always a part of our lives.

What is important is our response. We must wholeheartedly and with all our strength strive to overcome these threats and clear them away bit by bit, for in so doing we discover our true potential as human beings and begin to savor the full richness of life. Without this positive approach the world is a woeful and forbidding place and life becomes dark and meaningless.

When confronted by a calamity you should not fear it or shrink from it. It’s all right to worry. Worries and troubles should be thought of as opportunities for creating something new and met head on with courage and forthrightness. Use all the strength and intelligence you can muster. If you do, you will find something utterly new and unforeseen. A new path will open up. It’s really strange but that’s what happens. It is precisely because such strange things happen that the tapestry of life is so rich and satisfying.


Source: http://mif-iuj.org/kanosuke.html


In 1932, Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of Matsushita Electric, proclaimed the basic business policy of the company, which is based on its corporate mission of “peace and prosperity for mankind.”

Since then, this policy has been woven into the company’s basic principle which states: “Through our industrial activities, we strive to foster progress, to promote the general welfare of society and to devote ourselves to furthering the development of world culture.