World Transformation
By Mother Meera


Question: Do all mankind's old structures, the ideas and habits, have to be transformed?

Mother Meera: Yes. But such great changes take time, They have to be worked for, aspired for. Man has to do a great labour; God will not do everything. When people become become conscious of the presence of the Light, the transformation can go faster. It is working anyway, but few people are conscious. More will be conscious soon, many more, and then the work can be done with greater efficiency. But in the meantime, enjoy the Light. It is here; let it change you. The transformation will come in its own time.

Question: I see so much madness and greed in the world it is hard to believe that the transformation of man and the world is possible.

Mother Meera: What you see is real, but the goodness in man is also real. The longing for God is real - it is man's most true reality. And God loves man absolutely. The transformation will happen but it will take time and go slowly. Its foundations have to be made firm.