World Peace while domestic war?
By Sathya Sai Baba


Man has higher buildings, but smaller temples; wider freeways, but more narrow points of view; we spend more money, and we have less and less; we buy more, and we enjoy less.

We have bigger houses, and smaller families; you sew more convenient, but less time; more education, and less sense; more knowledge, and less trial; more expert, and more problems; more medicines, and less well-being; we Take a lot, we smoke a lot, we spend without measure, we laugh very little, we manage very quick, we become furious too quick, we go to bed very late, we get up very tired, we hardly read, we see too much TV, and we hardly ever pray.

We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values, we speak too much, we love very little and we almost lie the whole time, we have learned how to win us the life, but not to enjoy it, we have added him years to the life and non life a years.

We have gone and returned to the moon, but we can not cross the street to know a neighbor; we have conquered the external space, but not the interior, we make bigger things, but don't improve, we have cleaned the air, but not to the soul, we have divided to the atom, but not to our prejudices, we write a lot, but we learn little, we plan everything, but we don't get almost anything.

We have learned how to make the quickest things, but not to have more patience; we have higher earnings, but lower morals; more food and less peace. We build more computers to keep more information, to take place more copies than never, but we communicate less; every time we have more quantity and less quality.

This is the time of the quick food and of the slow digestion; tall men, of low character; deep earnings and superficial relationships. This is the time of the world peace, and the domestic war; more time free and less amusement; more types of food and less nutritious. Now we have revenues combined and more divorces, houses more beautiful, but more broken homes.

This is the time of trips rapids, disposable diapers, morality in decadence, passions of one night, bodies with overweight, pills that make everything, from being happy, until to calm down and to kill you.

This is the cheats where we have everything in the exhibition and anything in the inventory.

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