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Archangel Michael is one of the Light Beings who are helping humankind do this consciousness jump into the fourth and fifth dimension. Here we offer some channelings offered by Archangel Michael through human channels.

Reptilian Conspiracy

Apocalypse or Book of Revelation







11th September 2001
Archangel Michael through Michael El Nour

Beloved Friends, Beloved Masters,

I Am One and United, whole, expressed in this physical body to serve the planet. I now speak to the Children of the Planet.

From my heart, I offer support and compassion for all the individuals and families that are now hurting in their human expression. Those souls have chosen to be a part of the drama that is now unfolding and we give them our gratitude for the responsibility that they choose to take, in order to serve humankind.

May our prayers and love be a safe harbor for them all, in which they may find peace and divine wisdom. Years ago, I choose to move in the United States, with my family. I am still living in this Country, because I love America, and I believe that this nation has the potential to be the dream that many souls carry in their heart.

Since 1999, in my bodily form, I have been serving and following the unfolding of history, the preparation of Europe and the Unites States for the next era. Since September 11, I have been waiting to post any thoughts on the web, as all cannot be said. My prayer is that the Souls who are ready will hear my words.

It is now time to be prepared, to start lifting the veils that you, Beloved Children, have been keeping in order to be able to delight yourselves with the illusion of the dream that has been your life-reality until now. This dream is not God's reality and has to be torn apart. Your vision of the system, your vision of the events that are now taking place are still a reflection of your understanding of the human systems, still based on your beliefs about your government, your friends, your enemies, your laws, your freedom, your Constitution. I am especially speaking today to the Children of America. God's principles of love and freedom are under threat. The Country was founded to manifest God laws on the physical plane. Is America expressing its original dream, the fulfillment and joy of free human beings and souls as well as the compassionate leading of the world towards the future?

Children, Beloved Ones, who are working from your heart, to lift the planet towards ascension, it is time to open your eyes and understand that the explanation of the events that are now happening is far beyond what seems to be occurring in your 3D reality.

First, do you know who, in truth, originated these acts of violence? In any situation, they are always three forces in action. The main one is God's will/creative intent. His intent/force disperses then into creation, into the dual world. This energy is channeled through any recipient that will be ready, consciously or not to enact the All in One's final intent. Through Spirit Eye, there is not one country but only one planet. Spirit moves in one direction, according to God's perfect scheme.

As I stated some weeks ago, your planet has been clearing its first and second chakras (article will be posted on my site ASAP. Please email, if you want a copy. In the process, the Earth is clearing its subconscious mind, just like you do when you discover hidden parts of yourself that have been keeping you in your lower personality.

The Higher Self of the planet is looking inside its 3D womb and clearing it. The enemy is not outside of yourself, the enemy is to be found, if there is an enemy, inside, and it is not an enemy, it is a trigger, a trigger to reach a different state of consciousness. There is no friend or enemy, nor bad and wrong, just Divine Purpose unfolding in perfection.

It is now time for you to realize that the dream that you created centuries ago is threatened to collapse, from inside. You have been repetitively thinking, singing, claiming that your country will be the country leading the planet towards the next era. That cannot be unless you understand what is really going on, and support the planet with a clear intent or pure surrender.

Among other things, the energy field of the planet is now being destroyed and changed, not for your health, not for your well-being but in order to manipulate you. Tremendous holes have been pierced all around the planet, doorways, not only to allow others to come through, others who are not necessarily in love for Mother Earth, but also to weaken the energy field of Mother Earth. Those holes are connected to an energy band that is now situated inside the planet, and that have been activated years ago to create natural disasters. An entire structure does exist underground, not only to save the life of those who know about that, but also to create an inner world from which you can be controlled and eventually annihilated. Many landmarks around the world are man-made-doorways.

Others are centers in which information is being stored. They are not antennas, but places from which some beings are organizing the inner riot that is tearing apart your society. God, the infinite Consciousness is sometimes utilizing human groups, whoever they are, to protect you from a greater danger. Children of Earth, lift yourselves out of duality, and pay attention to the whole story.

A formidable challenge is now happening. You have several more years, to reach the point where you will have to jump. During those years, the two factions that are still fighting for the domination of this planet will be at war. There are only two factions. I am not speaking about light or darkness but about God's purpose and Divine Will (Divine Self in microcosm), against ego human-based purpose (lower-self in microcosm). The challenge that you are now facing is to let go of your own desires and wishes for the system and the planet, and surrender to God's purpose, whether you comprehend it or not. Stop inventing solutions for the future and eventually giving your energy to those who created their own future and decided that it will happen their way.

The planet has been hurt in its heart and its spine and it is no more possible for the Earth to be daily under human acupuncture, an acupuncture that is not leading you to freedom but to manipulation and to slavery. In communion with Pluto, Mercury and Saturn, the universe created the opportunity for this country, to start differently, on a new path.

We are now asking the Children of Earth to open their eyes. Do not send out prayers that would be oriented one way or the other. Do not create or visualize the future, let go of everything because most of the information that you are working with is inaccurate. Meetings have been going on for weeks now, in order to implement a system that is going against human freedom and evolution in the divine way. Some beings, pushed by their ego and need for power are not willing to see the human race find full freedom in extended consciousness. They have been sending out false information to you for more than fifty years. Your economy is manipulated, your life is manipulated, your mind are under continuous assault and most human beings have accepted to play the game because most of them are not conscious enough to see and to feel. They are also too overwhelmed by their desire to make it in this society. But most importantly, the beings that are working for the Divine have been fooled, fooled over the years.

The Divine is asking you to reach adulthood in your heart and in your consciousness. It is time to BE instead of to RECEIVE FROM THE OUTSIDE. Take full responsibility for your life Essence, for what you are, as a Soul and as a Monad. Be it, manifest it!