Defining Peace

The Holy War within

Why have all the efforts at eliminating war from the Earth failed upto now?

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The Tibetan noble example

Power is shifting away from parliamentary institutions into the hands of huge transnational corporations

Was Hitler a Rothschield? (a must to understand the Israel / Palestine conflict)

Cómo somos manipulados y lo que realmente está pasando en el mundo

World Reconstruction

The role of Religion in Conflict Transformation

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To our politicians from a spiritual working stiff

Human life is sacred

World Peace while domestic war?

On the cusp of the Age of Aquarius

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What I have learned in my life

About Islam from an esoteric point of view

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World Transformation

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Worrying is ok

Unconditional Surrender to the Divine Will

The Challenge for Education

The effectiveness of the Vedic Technologies of Peace

The Ten Commandements of Islam

Is America innocent?

Your soul knows no opposition, it only knows peace

If you are looking for the force behind the U.S. atrocities, just ask: “who benefits?

Does our Gregorian Calendar produce stress and war?

What is really happening on planet Earth? (the unknown agenda)

The Reptilian Conspiracy

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